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Press Release
26 February 2014

For reference: Dolores Balladares
Spokesperson, Tel. No.: 97472986
聯絡人:Dolores Balladares

Stop the lies, reform the policies
FDWs score gov’t for baseless job-hopping claims

“Coming on the heels of Erwiana’s case, the Hong Kong government is desperately trying to cover up the serious flaws on its policies on foreign domestic workers (FDWs) by lying and creating the phantom problem of job-hopping among FDWs.”
『緊隨著因 Erwiana 的個案而曝光而顯露的狀況,香港政府急忙地製造外藉家務工「跳工」的論述,藉以掩蓋其政策中的嚴重問題。』

This was the reaction of the Asian Migrants Coordinating Body (AMCB-IMA) as their members picketed the Immigration Department today to denounce the Security Bureau’s claims of job-hopping among FDWs to collect severance payment and money for airfare.

“Job-hopping among FDWs for reason the government says and for the bases they claim is highly-improbable if not bordering on a total lie. First of all, an FDW cannot collect severance payment if they worked for less than 12 months. Secondly, the so-called financial gains after termination including the one-month salary in lieu of notice as well as the airfare are not even enough to cover even half of what the agencies charge us. There is no rational or practical reason for an FDW to job-hop,” said Dolores Balladares, spokesperson of the AMCB-IMA.
亞洲移居人士聯盟發言人 Dolores Balladares 說『政府對外藉家務工的「跳工」指控以及其聲稱的原因,即使不是完完全全的謊言,亦是一個極不可能發生的情況。首先,一個外藉家務工在工作滿十二個月前,根本不會獲發遣散費。再者,終止合約後所獲發的代通知金及機票費用,加起來亦未足夠支付中介公司收取我們的費用的一半。理性上及現實上,外藉家務工都沒有理由要「跳工」。』

The group also questioned the legitimacy of using the data the Secretary for Security Lai Tung-Kwok relayed to the public to show the so-called job-hopping practice of FDWs.

“We should note that the 1,372 applications are only suspected job-hoppers based on unreasonable and arbitrary criteria. Of this, 170 were rejected based on unproven allegation of job-hopping to collect payment. The 158 who voluntarily withdrew their application cannot also be conclusively classified as job-hoppers. The Security Bureau is not even making a mountain out of a molehill but actually creating an issue where none exists at all,” Balladares added.
Balladares 補充說:『我們需注意到,那1,372個懷疑個案,全都只是基於一些不合理及隨意理由的懷疑個案。當中,保安局只正式拒絕了170個個案, 而這些還都只是未經證實的懷疑「跳工」個案。另外158個自行徹回的申請更不可能被定性為「跳工」。保安局不單只小事化大,簡直就是無中生有。』

The release of these dubious data, Balladares remarked, is highly-suspect given that the topic is being drummed up by the government and political parties known for their anti-migrant stands in the middle of national and international calls to review the Hong Kong policies of Hong Kong that expose FDWs to different forms and degrees of abuses like what happened to Erwiana.
Balladares 更提到『在香港以至國際社會都因 Erwiana 的個案而注意到,香港的有關政策把外藉家務工曝露於一個易受侵犯的困境,而發出聲音要求正視及改善的情況下,香港政府在眾所周知對移民持反對態度的政客提問下,發放這些似是而非的數據的目的十分可疑‧』

“They want to project that we are abusing the system whereas the truth is, this system has failed Erwiana and all FDWs in protecting our rights and wellbeing. The Two-Week Rule, mandatory live-in employment arrangement and other exclusionary policies of Hong Kong have made what happened to Erwiana possible. The truth is that HK policies are seriously flawed and have in need of immediate and comprehensive changes,” Balladares declared.
Balladares 指出『它們企圖抹黑我們在捐害既有機制,但實情是,這機制根本不能保障外藉家務工的權益。Erwiana 的個案可見,這機制完全失效。兩星期逗留條件、強制留宿的僱用安排、以至其他的社會性排斥措施,在在容讓如 Eriwana 的情況發生。實情是,香港的有關政策存在著極為嚴重的問題,亟需立即作出實質的改變。』

The AMCB-IMA implored the Hong Kong government to stop “diverting the issue and creating a baseless public scare” and instead look into the demands for review of policies on FDWs.

“They should just stop the lies and the scare-mongering. The malicious claims of job-hopping and making it appear that FDWs are engaged in a criminal act – though there’s no law against job-hopping in Hong Kong – are unjust and make Erwiana and all FDWs victims twice over of a system that abuses and enslaves migrant workers,” Balladares concluded.#
Balladares 總結說『它們應停止謊言推搪及製造恐慌。「跳工」的惡毒指控,把外藉家務工抹黑成一群不法勾當之徒,然而香港並沒有法例不容許轉工。這樣的作法實在極不公義,更是在這制度下,對 Erwiana 以至所有的外藉家務工的再一次打壓及侵犯。』

Asian Migrants’ Coordinating Body (AMCB)
a member of the International Migrants Alliance (IMA)
c/o APMM, No. 2 Jordan Road,
Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR
Tel no(s): (852) 3156-2447, 2314-7316
Fax no: (852) 2735-4559
E-mail: amcb.hk@gmail.com
電話:(852) 3156-2447, 2314-7316
電傳:(852) 2735-4559

Association of Sri Lankans in Hong Kong (ASL-HK)
Association of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hong Kong (ATKI-HK)
Far-East Overseas Nepalese Association – Hong Kong (FEONA-HK)
遠東海外尼泊爾人協會 – 香港
Filipino Migrant Workers’ Union (FMWU-HKCTU)
Friends of Thai – Hong Kong (FOT-HK)
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