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轉載|在齋戒月的一個黃昏——祈禱篇 Ramadan at Dusk: Prayers

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I know little about Islam, and there is a language barrier between sisters and me to talk about religion. (maybe the term, ‘Baai san’, was learned from grandpas and grandmas?) I could only record the process with curiosity, and luckily, they didn’t mind at all. Some employers have many concerns about that, which I think it’s unnecessary. If you are willing to spend time knowing more, perhaps a better communication can be reached. Sisters always say, many customs are similar in Hong Kong. Even not, showing respect is not a difficult task.

有關Ramadan的更多介紹 More information about Ramadan:

有關Nurul Hidayah
About Nurul Hidayah

Nurul Hidayah是一個印尼穆斯林姊妹組織,印尼穆斯林移工聯盟(Gabungan Migran Muslim Indonesia, GAMMI)的屬會之一。姊妹假日主要在樂富相聚,一起讀古蘭經;亦會以小組形式,諮詢有關僱傭合約、簽證等問題。詳細介紹請看:
Nurul Hidayah is an organization of Indonesian Muslim sisters, one of the affiliates of Gabungan Migran Muslim Indonesia (GAMMI). Sisters always get along with each other in Lok Fu during holidays, chanting prayers together. They will also hold consultation in groups about employment contracts, visas and so on. Click here for detailed introduction: